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Very Common Problems With The Washing Machine

Very Common Problems With The Washing Machine

In a quiz, if asked to mention what is the most important electronic device in your life, it will be the computer. But for the same question, a housewife may get confused. The reason, there will be many appliances such as washing machine, fridge, microwave oven, and dishwasher. Among the mentioned devices, washing machine occupies prime importance. The reason, it helps the Indian housewives save time. Fifty years ago, every Indian woman had to wash the clothes daily and it took two to three hours time. But cut to the present, there are many washing machine brands which can give the best service and care for your clothes. In this article let us focus on very common problems with the washing machine. And please note, that the problems are related to the common washing machine and not a smart washing machine.

Very Common Problems With The Washing Machine; Drainage problem


This problem is one of the very common ones. The reasons may be many.


  • The drainage hose has become blocked with debris or clothes.
  • The washing machine is on the path of repair. And the drain/spin cycle does not properly work. Are you getting an error code? Then check with the product manual. You can also call the manufacturer to clarify your doubts.
  • The drainage pump has suffered damage. You can hear the washer making a big sound. Chances are that you may suffer leaks from the washing machine in the process.


  • Kindly check if the washing machine has been set to any mode. If so, then reset the working pattern. You can also switch the power off and then turn it on. The washing machine will resume work.
  • Has the washing machine come back to its normal position? If not, then try a modification of the entire settings. This is the most common method used by technicians. Follow this process
  • Just open/close the door five times in twelve seconds. Then, just let the washing machine run without clothes. This method will resolve the problem. No? Then there is a problem with drainage hose.

Problem with The Drainage Hose – Solution

  • You need to switch off the power. Please do not forget to do this activity when you want to set right the washing machine.
  • Now, place a sharp eye on the drainage hose. Are the edges bent or suffered damage? Then they are the main causes of the washing machine not draining properly.
  • Or, kindly remove the drainage hose from the washing machine. Please have a screwdriver to take the nuts off. And then you can access the hose.
  • If you find a blockage, please do not insert sharp objects in the hose. If it gets damaged, then there will be an unnecessary expense. So, ensure that you clean the blockages with the flowing of hot water.

Very Common Problems With The Washing Machine – Doors

This is a very common problem associated with the washer. For example, for a top loader, there is no necessity to block the water from flowing out. But in case of a front loader, the washing machine door has to be closed at all times.

You will not be able to open the doors of a front loading washing machine. It can be opened only after the washing process has been completed. But there are instances that a washing machine of the front loading type can get locked, and in the process, the contents can also become blocked.


  • The locking mechanism has suffered damage. Usually, some clothes may have got stuck between the door and drum
  • There is a problem with the drainage. So, the washing machine door has remained locked. The drum is still full of water.


  • You can turn off the switch if the process of wash has got over. Now give a time of two minutes, and then switch on the power. Hopefully, you may be able to open the washing machine door.
  • Do you feel that the clothes have jammed the washing machine door? Then go for the wash again. Hopefully, the clothes will move, and you may be able to open the door.

Very Common Problems With The Washing Machine: How To Remove The Smell

You may encounter unfortunate situations when the washing machine turns into a smelly device. Now, imagine the horror if the same smell gets transferred to your clothes. You will have to do the washing process again.

The best way for removing the discomfort is to run a cycle when the machine is empty. You can also include some cleaning solution to go to the very nook and corners of the washing machine. Check the manufacturer manual. If you find the Drum Clean cycle, then do not forget to make use of the Hot Cycle.

DIY Method

Take two cups of normal vinegar, one-fourth of baking soda in a cup, and the same amount of water.  And then check for any molds in the washing machine. If they are present, then scrub them off. The process is to mix baking soda as well as water in the detergent compartment. The vinegar is to be put in the drum.  Do you have the hot setting available in your washing machine? Then set it to the right temperature and give the start. The combination of baking soda with vinegar will remove any mold. Your washing machine will smell fresh.


So, in this article, we have focused on two very common problems associated with the washing machine. As per home improvement experts, it is necessary to go for maintenance check every six months to two years for any home electronic appliances. Let us imagine, the washing machine in your Bangalore home has completed its lifetime of ten years. There are some minor repairs, and you feel that if they are fixed, the device can come to perfect working condition.

So, it is time to call for a washing machine repair expert. The best way – check for the app of the best house repair services in Bangalore and install in your mobile. Now, check for the  expert who can offer the best washing machine repair in Bangalore, near your home as per your budget. Place the request, let the specific pro come to your home at the scheduled time and give maintenance. The washing machine will get back to its perfect working condition.

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