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Five Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2019

Have you ever watched the hunger games, where people are fighting to survive in a constantly changing environment? They either had to adapt with the changing situations or die for not being flexible.

Comparing the marketing world with hunger games can be a little too much. However, the fact that the industries are continuously evolving remains the same. The advancing technological innovations are increasingly affecting the market, and the companies offering innovative technology are moving at a faster pace.

In order to thrive in the competitive world of businesses, it is essential that you adapt to the changing trends and advancing technologies. So without further ado, let’s discuss the seven trending content marketing strategies which can add a competitive edge to your business.



  • Make A Content Marketing Plan Cause You’d Be Needing One


Content marketing plan helps you in aligning your content to your business goals. You must find a spot where you can develop an idea, create content accordingly, and publish it so it can serve both—the audience in a meaningful way and help you to achieve your marketing goal. Smart entrepreneurs are already working on their marketing plans and likely have populated their content calendar with content which can delight and engage their audience.


  • Relevance And Originality Is A Necessity


In order to influence the audience, you need to deliver original and relevant content. Come up with your own ideas and create original content. If you are short on ideas or need experts, you can hire agencies to help you create original and well-composed content.

Entrepreneurs nowadays are taking advantage of Wikipedia as a marketing platform to deliver authentic information to the audience. They hire Wikipedia writing services which offer them writers and editors to compose well-researched content to be published at Wikipedia.



  • Micro-Influencers


Influencer market is not a new addition in the marketing world. However, it was previously limited to some of the famous celebrities such as the Kardashians to influence the audience. Today the influencer market is about local and national leaders who can persuade the audience to do business with you. It can be an internet sensation who create innovative content to attract the audience to the market.

It can be said that micro-influencer is a game changer for businesses of all sizes. It can help in brand awareness, amplification, and building a connection with the audience.


  • Voice Search Can’t Be Ignored


Big changes can be seen coming forward in trends, among which one is known as “voice.” So instead of thinking “how will my target audience write a certain keyword in the search engine?” consider asking yourself “what question can my target audience ask Google search or Siri?” and create content that can help you answer that question. Most voice-activated searches are don on the mobile phones so you need mobile-responsive and mobile-optimized sites so it can end up in the SERPs. Voice cannot be ignored. Therefore investing in voice search is a better option to achieve your marketing goals.  


  • Make Sure To Keep It Up To Date


As said above, your content requires new and original content about your business. As an entrepreneur, it is not necessary to always come up with new content; you can merely reuse the information, update it, and reinvent the information present on the internet. However, if you have a Wikipedia page, you must update the information with authentic information. You can hire editors or Wikipedia writing services to reinvent the information on Wikipedia.


The advertising industry is continuously growing, and new trends are on their way. Some stay in trend for years, and some lose its place over the years; you need to make sure what works best for your business. Identify the opportunities and take advantage of the trending strategies to grow your business.  

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