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9 CRAZY Things That Will Happen Before 2050!

Craziest things that will happen before 2050! These are the top future events and things that will happen before 2050!

#7. “Internet of Things”– Imagine a scenario where you spill the last glass of milk on your shirt and the ground, then almost instantaneously a new shirt it delivered to you, milk is added to your shopping list and the floor is cleaned. This fantasy may soon be a reality with the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things or IoT, something that many companies like Intel are trying to create.and it basically involves making everything from appliances and electronic devices to cars and houses smart and able to communicate with each other. You can already see steps towards the IoT in devices like Alexa and Google Home that can connect to your T.V. radio and certain features of your home. By 2050 almost everything in your home and the world around you may be connected and able to make mundane things like taking out the trash when its full or ordering toilet paper before you are down to the last roll something you won’t even have to worry about.

#6. “Gender Equality?”– Something that should have been part of society since its inception, gender equality has taken significant leaps in bounds in the last decade due to the changing of the guard in business and politics and the unwillingness of younger generations to adhere to the outdated and sometimes chauvinistic guidelines for women in our culture. Sadly at the rate that the United States is progressing it may not reach gender equality by 2050, as researchers speculate the more accurate timeline for this monumental effort to reach its head would be in 138 years from now. That being said countries like Norway and Sweden are already closing in on gender equality and it is likely, barring major setbacks that they are completely equal sometime between 2030 and 2050. Not only does a primitive notion of gender inequality need to go for moral reasons countries that are actively trying to bridge the gap have seen incredible economic windfall. Research has shown that these countries have seen a reduction in their unemployment rate and even an increase in gross domestic product. One of the more obvious reasons that having more women and diversity in general in workplaces and in politics is the fact that more perspectives and more minds involved usually means fast solutions to problems and more innovation.



Source: Secret Truths

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